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Updates on the latest in sustainable packaging


LÜ-R™: Packaging with Purpose

For wet wipe packaging that gives back at every stage in its lifecycle, choose LÜ-R™ Recyclable! Learn more about packaging that's just as clean as its product!

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Environmental Upsides to Flexible

Find out why flexible packaging is more sustainable compared to other types of packaging. Formosa is a leader in creating innovative solutions to help meet consumer needs while thinking about a sustainable future. 


Choose Recyclable

Looking for a more eco-friendly packaging solution? Our LÜ-R™ recyclable film series will meet your brand's needs in sustainability, durability, and shelf-appeal!

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Summer Fancy Food Show

Come visit Formosa Flexible Packaging this year at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2019! With over 50 years of experience in our industry, we will ensure that your every need is met by our dedicated team.

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Formosa Introduces LÜ-C®

Formosa Packaging has launched LÜ-C®, a series of compostable packaging. From 2-layer to 3 layer,  LÜ-C® provides sustainable films to satisfy various customer needs.

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