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Updates on the latest in sustainable packaging

Formosa Flexible Packaging Introduces

LÜ Series Compostable Packaging

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Irvine, CA (November 9, 2018) – Formosa Flexible Packaging has launched LÜ, creating a whole new series of sustainable packaging. From compostable to recyclable, from 2-layer to 3-layer, LÜ provides a series of sustainable films to satisfy various customer needs.



Bonnie Huang, President and CEO, introduced LÜ as an innovation to traditional packaging that will help customers achieve their sustainability goal. “It’s a truly compostable and certified 3-layer packaging film that you can trust to contain, protect, and seal without worrying about leaving distinguishable or toxic residue in the environment.” She explained, “As compared to the commonly seen 2-layer PLA films on the market, LÜ provides the improved barrier, sealing performance and durability. LÜ offers two distinct appearances (LÜ-C™ film in a metallic look and LÜ-K™ film in a natural kraft feel) in order to suit different marketing trends.”

“LÜ-C™ and LÜ-K™ were tested to ASTM D6868, ASTM D6400, and EN13432 standards,” said Stephane Pyrek, Executive Vice President. ”92% of the LÜ-C™ film and 94% of the LÜ-K™ is able to be composted within 12 weeks. LÜ-C™ and LÜ-K™ films are BPI and Din Certco certified.”

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About Formosa Flexible Packaging


Founded in 1963, Formosa Flexible Packaging is committed to bringing innovative technologies and efficient practices to customers across different industries. Pioneering in material development and printing technology, Formosa satisfies customer’s advanced packaging needs with innovative product offerings such as compostable, recyclable, high barrier, ESD and retort packaging.

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